Biografi : DEADwithFALERA formation

Vocal: Oja
Guitar: Kumank
Bass (Sweet Vox): Bagas
…Synth / Techno: Angga
Drums: Febby

DEADwithFALERA formed in early 2010. At the beginning we formed carrying the flow of death metal screamo music. when it is our synth player “Angga” still serves as a guitarist. with as time passes, the flow we had turned into a post hardcore techno, and automatically create the formation of our band changed with the presence of “Dyan” in the position of Guitar 2 who succeeded “Angga” which is playing synth.
but not long run we changed formation again, with his resign “Dyan”. and now we’re back to the early formation. which differ only Position “Angga” which is used to Playing Guitar to play synth. and it seems to have fix DEADwithFALERA formations like this.
so, keep support ok:)

let’s say MOVING FASTER !!!

genre :  Post Hardcore / Trancecore

booking us : 085722337687 (kumank)

facebook : dead with falera

download song :

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