Biografi : Secret By Symphony the beginning of his standing with individuals of different genres, Gege (Drums) from Everyday To Making Love, Diky (Bass) from Lossing A Part, Wied (Guitars) from Lossing A Part, Choky (Vocal / growls).
because we lack the personnel, Ononk (Guitar) from Bleed For Chariza also joined in the Secret By Symphony and a former girlfriend Ononk, Audhibia (Vocals / Scream) Vocal fill th…e void that gives a different feel. by taking the genre DeathCore, we want to give our work that they would be accepted by you guys rock music listener.
we only have four tracks:
1. Weak
2. You Like A Traitors
3. Sirna
4. Victim Of Evil
we hope Secret By Symphony, can be like many people and not the view of one eye because of the genre like this.
keep SUPPORT !!

GRINSQUAD STREET TEAM (call for lovers Secret By Symphony) haha: D


booking us : 085624154227 (Vera)

facebook : secret by symphony

download song :

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