Biografi : Silent Heart began his career in the music world 2 years ago, precisely on 12 August 2008. The band began to take shape from a group of people who have the intention to play music, the beginning of this band by dadang (vocals), ryan (rythm + vocals), Nanang (lead guitar), adit (bass), and Dery (drums). After a day in and day out we passed, dadang and Nana looked very difficult to divide his time w…ith the band,, because they has an individual activity “, especially Nana in assigned to work in Bekasi .. Well after that, we have a big reshuffle” of, because at the moment we found 2 persons skilled guitarists, namely Sopian and Roni, they had entered-2 and Ryan who was originally a vocal guitar moves. The meaning of the name “Silent Heart” may be interpreted as a heart in which quiet, lonely hearts who, and who in essence from the name it is our hope that all those who heard the work “we can feel calm and comfortable with all the work” / song “that we make. in 2 weeks yesterday, exactly on 15 September 2010 we get the grace of Sheny binasih “Kuntie” and he made us as our new manager, we hope that with the existence of a new manager we can we are more successful and advance in music ..
With this current formation Ryan (vocals), Sopian (lead guitar), roni (rythm + scream), adit (bass), kuya (drums, scream), Sheni (manager), we also all agree if the issue of this music genre Silent Heart is a screamo / Posthardcore.
Hopefully everything works..

genre : screamo/posthardcore

booking us : Ryan (085624079829)

facebook : silent heart

download song :

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