Biografi : Started at mid of year 2010, Malice In My Veins are 6 persons with different background music and character.

Present Line Up:

ORIGINAL MEMBERS are Dyaz, John, Fathier, Idzul and Casandy. The band was originally formed as a place to express bout ourself.
Dyaz who experienced as guitarist and bassist in both screamo and metalcore before, take the front man position as lead vocal till present. Fathier in lead guitarist position are kinda soulmate of our bassist Idzul. Fathier and Idzul which doesnt really have any interest in this genre when first we found them, adapted and be inline with other in creating and playing music as well. Then theres Casandy in guitar rhythm which also taking clean vocal. Casandy who as college as Dyaz then bring his friend from his other band called Destination No Where, Pandu to take the drummer position which is ever taken by our best crew Reyditia, then John.
In this Pandu’s joining then bring some fresh idea to make more song.
No longer after that, Randhi join this band as sequencer to make some different taste in our music.
As time goes by, Randhi make a decision to take more attention on his college and come Jefry who as high school as Dyaz to fill in Randhi’s position but more in playing keys and string inst. Dyaz and Jefry were in two previous bands together. He then take some backing scream in our song.

MIMV has 1Intro and 3 songs until now which 1 of it which called ‘Devil May Care’ has been recorded in Red Studio. The other song titled ‘This Is Time’ is just being renewed by present members. And from July 2011, we bring new song called Revenge Aura.

genre : Screamo – Post Hardcore

booking us : +6287821972805

facebook : malice in my veins

download song :

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  1. blog keseluruhannya rapih gan..
    semoga bisa membantu pemasaran band band indie pada umumnya. terimakasih 🙂

  2. anw our song Revenge Aura has been finished, you can check it on our reverb page. Cheers

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