Biografi : Nobita, the perennial loser. For forty-odd years now, the anime/manga character has been associated with getting beat-up by the school bully, getting a big-fat-zero on your test and getting bested by your environment despite being doted on by a futuristic blue robot cat from the future. And now in our 21st century existence, a chiptune/pop-punk band has joined the fight to prop-up our pathetic pro…tagonist… Never Give Up Nobita!

“As you might know, Nobita is portrayed as stupid, weak and quick to give in […] so we wanted to make music to jump-start Nobita and people like him,” explains Abud (guitar/vox) about the premise of Never Give Up Nobita. And that’s what Abud, Egi (guitar/vox), and Dicky (drums/programming) has lived up to using their enthusiastic recorded output and energetic live shows.

Since their inception in 2007, the band has released two freely downloadable hormonally-charged singles. The first of these was a track quizzically, yet deliciously, titled “Quit School To Buy A Doll For Your Valentine”. This sugary cane of a third-generation-emo 8-bit pop-punk track was surprisingly recorded under the modest circumstances in a very short-time. “From 10 am to 10 pm,” elaborated Abud recalling the process of recording the YCMK/Motion City Soundtrack influenced home-made track with Egi and ex-member Adrian.

Now, with a song-in-hand Abud and Egi went out to the major hang-out places in Bandung and proceeded to distribute the song themselves. “Some people actually referred to us as “The Bluetooth Band” confessed Abud referring to the main mode of distribution in the early days of Never Give Up Nobita.

Luckily the song gained traction on their MySpace, and their Bluetooth-heavy salad days are over. And now Abud and Egi was tasked with assembling a stable line-up of musicians to showcase their songs on the Bandung indie circuit (which is made up of high-school and university fairs).

genre : Pop / Rock / Club

booking us : 08156261322

facebook : never give up nobita

download song :

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