Biografi : In February 2007 the band was originally formed by three teenagers who have a common hobby in the field of music that is Aco, Kuya, Budi. After several days, the band was looking for names. And finally appear idea from one of the three that gave the name of the band’s “Senses Of Beauty”. But after some times perform in the studio, finally “Senses Of Beauty” met Sandy who have the same v…ision and mission. And join Sandy with “Senses Of Beauty”. But on the way “Senses Of Beauty” Budi, one of the personnel “Beauty Of Senses” left this world forever. After the incident was “Senses Of Beauty” Experiencing Vacuum in a few months. But one day after several months, the spirit of musical “Senses Of Beauty” go back and start the journey from zero again without the presence of Budi gitarist. While starting a new journey, “Senses Of Beauty” decided to add new personnel .finally “Senses Of Beauty” find Dyan as new guitarist. Until now “Senses Of Beauty” four-member personi Namely Dyan [guitar/vocals] , Kuya [drums/back vocals], Sandy [Bassist] , Aco [Vocals/throat].
personnel “Senses Of Beauty” has experience in various types of music that is very supportive for us to create a partnership in music and entertaining the listeners. Experience is not the least it gives the weight on us that will remain under control and encourage.
our passion to always open ourselves to keep learning and continue to add new experiences for us
However, after experiencing such a constraint is formed always taunts the less very pleasant but we did not heed their talk that has no soul of art.The kind of music that we’re in. are “Sweet posthardcore” or can be also called “screamo”.


booking us : Acie [085624776932 ]

facebook : senses of beauty

download song :

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