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Biografi :  Formed in July 5th 2009. Until now the formation is Anggi (vocals), Sona (Bass/Vocals), Richi (Guitar), Cikhal (Guitar), Zacky (Drums), their genre is Deathcore/Metalcore. The Name of Revenge The Fate has a philosophy, It is about ambition to change the bad fate for the better. On December 2010 the band released their demo album with five song, Ambisi, Poseidon, All Broke By Hate, The End Of My Heart, and Departure Of Assiah.

genre : Symphonic Deathcore-Post Hc

booking us : Ndeath +6285659319405

facebook : revenge the fate

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Biografi : Bye Bye Bunny is a band that chooses Death Cartoon Symphonies for their genre. It was started at 2010 when Mr. Anggun (vocals) went out from his other band and decided to make something new with music. After he met Avian (lead guitars), Robby (guitars), Zani (bass) and Panda (drums) they started a new story. Because of the difference of their influences they made music collaborating death metal wi…th cartoon symphonies just like their new single “Dirty Babble (Monsters Vs. Darkness)”. Their first show was on 31st January at New Viersa Cafe. After that Robby and Zani went out from the band because of something he can’t explain. Then Arie and Gar, a guitarist and bassist from a local band wished to join them. They decided to change their genre into Deathcore.

genre : Deathcore

booking us : FLA SEMBIRING ( 083820553142)

facebook : byebye bunny

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Biografi : Our band is a metal / deathcore originating from Indonesia, Bandung, West Java.
beginning we were standing and he was born into the world of metal music on 23 August 2009 and there we gave the name of our band “Monster Kids” but as time went on we changed our minds and changed its name to “Sweet Candy For Suicide” because that name is more appropriate for us.

in this band we stand with 5 personnel, …namely:
– Ardi saputra as vocal
– Michael Gama Wiranata as gitars
– Rizky Rinaldy M as guitars
– Fransiskus Apriliadi as bass
– Sopan Arief R as a drummer

which is influenced by: Miss May I , Bring Me The Horizon , Suicide Silence , The Devil Wears Prada, The Crimson, and all metal music of course.
and there we were shouting all the fury of metal song verses.

genre : metal/deathcore/experimental

booking us : (089656474957)

facebook : sweet candy for suicide

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Biografi : Secret By Symphony the beginning of his standing with individuals of different genres, Gege (Drums) from Everyday To Making Love, Diky (Bass) from Lossing A Part, Wied (Guitars) from Lossing A Part, Choky (Vocal / growls).
because we lack the personnel, Ononk (Guitar) from Bleed For Chariza also joined in the Secret By Symphony and a former girlfriend Ononk, Audhibia (Vocals / Scream) Vocal fill th…e void that gives a different feel. by taking the genre DeathCore, we want to give our work that they would be accepted by you guys rock music listener.
we only have four tracks:
1. Weak
2. You Like A Traitors
3. Sirna
4. Victim Of Evil
we hope Secret By Symphony, can be like many people and not the view of one eye because of the genre like this.
keep SUPPORT !!

GRINSQUAD STREET TEAM (call for lovers Secret By Symphony) haha: D


booking us : 085624154227 (Vera)

facebook : secret by symphony

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